At FIT, it’s not hard to find people wearing awesome clothes all around you. One of the best parts of going to such a creative school is getting inspired every day, leading you to make your own emboldened fashion decisions. These looks inspire a singular question; “Where’d you get that?” Many times, when I’ve inquired as such, the response is that they thrifted it, or got it from someone else. This makes sense, since my personal style tends to be a little more eclectic than your everyday fast fashion pieces. Not to say I don’t enjoy a great Zara coat or a pair of Topshop jeans, but the coolest pieces are the ones that make you want to steal them from whoever’s wearing them. Blogs like the Blonde Salad and WhoWhatWear have lauded the bomber jacket as the outerwear of choice for Spring 2018. This is no surprise, considering that it seems like the bomber is a staple for young men and women alike when the temperature rises ever so slightly, teasing the arrival of springtime.

Screen Shot 2018-02-11 at 3.34.16 PM.png

Sure, you could totally go pick a bomber up from a handful of the stores that line 34th street, but isn’t it so much cooler to have something that’s virtually one-of-a-kind? This was the sentiment my friend Liz held when I spotted her on campus in this awesome bomber jacket with an MTV appliqué on the back. When I approached her about it, she had laughed and insisted that she had just thrown it on over a graphic tee, some leggings, and some sneakers to go to class, but that was the very essence of the outfit that I loved. Warm, light, versatile, and cool, what more could you ask for from a jacket? It was no surprise to me that she picked it up at one of my favorite thrift stores in all of New York, Urban Jungle in Bushwick , a mecca for all things vintage and thrift, from denim jackets to sunglasses. My guess is that there will be plenty of sporty and stylish bombers on 27th Street this spring.


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