#5 LV x KOONS at Saks: a Retail Window Dreamscape


Processed with VSCO with c1 presetThe Saks 5th Avenue flagship store is, and has always been, a sight to be seen. The luxury retail mecca invests deeply in their window displays, enticing all shoppers into entering the store, regardless of if they can afford the big-ticket items or not. While passing the storefront a few weeks ago, I noticed Saks’ incredible promotion of the Louis Vuitton x Jeff Koons Masters collection, a series of limited edition handbags and accessories featuring iconic works by the great painting masters like Monet, Van Gogh, and Da Vinci.

I was completely in love with the window display, and thought it was a really inventive, cool visual for the collection itself. If you told me what the name and theme of the collection was, I would completely expect larger versions of the paintings to be somehow incorporated in the display. Instead, they chose to pull the rich teals, airy purples, and deep oranges and reds from the paintings and create mylar balloon-type fixtures in the classic LV print. I believe the shapes were in a coated plastic or metal, but they looked just like balloons and the metallic finish drew the eye while still letting the bags speak for themselves. Since this display was at Saks and not Louis Vuitton, there needs to be a certain level of brand recognition in order for the consumer to know where to find such a bag. The signature LV print in the back is so iconic that it communicates that information to the consumer at once. It may not be as obvious at first that these are Louis Vuitton bags, but upon seeing this display, anyone could go inside and request to see something from this line. I was not able to snap a photo from a distance to get the whole idea of the window since the street was so crowded, but up close and through the glass you can see how imaginative and beautiful the display really is.

2 thoughts on “#5 LV x KOONS at Saks: a Retail Window Dreamscape

  1. I loved this display as well! It is true to who Jeff Koons is and who Louis Vuitton is. A really great collaboration in terms of both the collection and the visual merchandising.


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