In an age where fashion and the internet go hand in hand, there is one word that comes up very frequently; influence. Fashion influencers can be traditional journalists, designers, or models, but more often than not, the people making waves in fashion (and, subsequently, driving sales and traffic) are quite simply people with great taste and an internet presence. Some retailers will continue to funnel millions of dollars into print and television ads, but the retailers that are currently thriving ahead of the curve are doing business with internet influencers who have amassed followings within said brand’s target demographic. The model is simple; consumers log on to Instagram and Youtube to be inspired by those whose taste, wardrobe, and lifestyle they look up to. When a brand that the influencer already loves pairs up with a retailer, the retailer pays the influencer to create content for them using pieces they love in exchange for exposure to the influencer’s audience. It’s a symbiotic relationship in which nearly everyone benefits.

This partner-driven content is exemplified in blogger and Youtuber sunbeamsjess‘s Summer 2017 lookbook, in which she partners with Urban Outfitters. She picked what she liked from the Urban Outfitters website, they sent it to her for free, and she credited them in the video. A viewer who likes Jess’s style will watch the video, like something they see, and easily be able to obtain a link from the description to purchase the item they like, driving sales to Urban Outfitters. This video also helps promote the Urban Outfitters lifestyle, with the vacation-ready vibe, laid-back music, and beautiful cinematography. I think videos like these are about to be much more common because more and more retailers are catching on to the importance of influencers. More out-of-touch marketing teams are often quick to dismiss the power of influencers since it’s a relatively new way of going about things, but especially for the millennial and generation Z age ranges, influencers are incredibly powerful.


  1. I completely agree with you when you say that marketing teams often dismiss the powers of influencers! I believe that now influencers could build a brand up much better and quicker than a model or celebrity could.

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  2. Love your post! So true about the importance of influencers as a marketing tactic! Retailers that continue to keep up with what’s new and popular are always going to be the most relevant!

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